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Compostable Flexible Packaging: A Sustainable Revolution in the Packaging Industry

The Future of Packaging: Compostable Flexible Packaging The traditional packaging industry is undergoing a significant change, pivoted around sustainability and environmental stewardship. At the forefront of this transformation is compostable flexible packaging – a trailblazer setting new trends in the packaging industry. This innovative solution is a leading-edge response to the growing, globally acknowledged problem of environmental pollution caused by traditional plastic packaging. Compostable...

Digital Flexible Packaging and Marketing Misconceptions

Key Speaker at Global Pouch 2017 with HP CEO FOUNDER- Print Solutions LLC/ Terapaq Corporation- The first full circle plastics packaging company be ready for a revolution 2021 Digital printing for pouches is often associated with ultra fast lead times with some companies even promising 3 days delivery and more commonly 10-15 business days from art approval.  In this article, I’m going to review why this is a dangerous marketing tool for cpg companies and a better way for your...

It’s More Eco Friendly Than You Think

Hey everyone, today I’m going to quickly summarize the main points about how a couple packaging materials impact the environment and some of the reasons why alternative packaging materials for stand up pouches aren’t as popular in the industry today. A lot of the companies that we work with ask about alternative packaging material to the standard PET (polyester) or PE (polyethylene) films but not everyone knows the reasons why they aren’t offered more widely in the industry. One of the larger...

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