Terapaq Sustainability

Terapaq is focused on the future of flexible packaging for all applications. Our company was created in 2016 to develop a new standard for packaging manufacturing. We have seen the changes taking place in the market and we view the future of packaging manufacturing to be important to the health of all the world’s inhabitants!

We strive to

  • Look for developments and releases of compostable, biodegradable and recyclable pouches with barrier for various applications

  • Reduce the amount of plastic being used in pouches we produce

  • Recycle our own plastic waste into long term usable goods

  • Create and utilize waste reduction practices to keep plastic out of the landfills

  • Operate with the lowest carbon footprint possible

  • Fully insulated building to reduce usage of natural gas and electricity

Packaging Design + Strategy + Printing


13 Chrisevyn Ln
Phoenixville, PA 19460



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